Why You Should Shop Small This Holiday Season

As we get towards the end of the year, gift giving becomes a vigorous task that everyone has on their mind. This year, specifically, shopping for others does not look the same. Many want to avoid the large mall crowds and remain safe while buying items for their loved ones.  This is the perfect time to keep your shopping local and small all while supporting the local businesses in your community.

When you shop small you are employing local families and your money goes directly back to your community.  Small businesses are more than just selling a product, we are creating relationships with you and serving you in other areas of life.  The support you get from a small business you do not find anywhere else.

Other reasons you should shop small this season:

  • Shopping small allows you to pick things on a more personal level, while remaining safe in-store or online.
  • One of a kind shops have more options that are made perfectly for that special someone, not an item that was made in thousands that just anyone could buy.
  • Here at The Local, we have specially selected items that make perfect gifts for any special woman in your life. These range from festive clothing pieces to cute stocking stuffers.
When you shop with us, and any small business, you help out a real person who is pursuing their passions and dreams. You also help out a member of your community who is trying to make your town a more unique place. In a time of need, we could all use the gift of shopping small. 

Small Businesses to Check Out This Season:

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