Style A Graphic Tee!

In recent years graphic tees have made a HUGE comeback in the fashion world.  Whatever look you are shooting for, a graphic tee can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day, or occasion.  A cute graphic tee is a staple for your closet, and here at The Local we got you covered.

First look we have the classic graphic tee with ripped jeans.  This look is universal and absolutely perfect for coffee in the afternoon, or even a night out. With fall coming up, layer a cardigan over it for chilly days.


If you're looking for a more girly look, tie up the shirt to give it a more cropped look, find your cutest maxi skirt, throw on some booties and you're ready to go!

Next, layer one of our graphic tees over a fitted dress for a more dressed up look.  And of course accessorize to accelerate your outfit.  This is perfect for a night out as summer ends.

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