2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for your Best Friend

A best friend is the one person in your life you never get tired of.  The memories you make with your best friend will last a lifetime, the laughs you have, and the nights you cry on their shoulders.  We have the perfect gifts to show her you love her no matter where you two go.

  • White Leopard Slippers - The perfect, and most comfy slippers to wear together at sleepovers.
  • Black Quilted Toggle Purse - The cutest bag to give your best friend for those fun nights out together.
  • Bad-Ass Bitch Candle - It smells SO GOOD + you know your bestie is the baddest!  
  • Black Cropped Sweatshirt - A super comfy crop top sweatshirt to give your best friend to elevate her wardrobe.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses - These super cute glasses are perfect to give your best friend for all those late nights binge watching her favorite show.
  • Marble Sunglass Case - Give your best friend this cute sunglass case to go along with her bluelight glasses.
  • Debrand's Carmel Pecan Patties - A nice surprise to give your best friend to make her day.  Stop in-store to shop all of our Debrand treats!
  • Biker Shorts - Biker shorts are super trendy and a great gift to give your bestie to keep her looking cute but comfy at the same time. 

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Gifts for Mom

Are you struggling to find the best gift for mom?  Well don't worry, we have got you covered with all the best gifts to get mom this holiday to show her she is the most hardworking and appreciated woman in your life! 

  • Our ‘Hello Weekend’ tote - Perfect for a Saturday full of shopping! 
  • Mama Necklace - Show your appreciation for your mama.  The card has the sweetest note "Words cannot express the love I have for you."
  • Your F'n Awesome Candle - To keep her space relaxed and cozy while also telling her how awesome she is.  Plus it is the best smelling candle!
  • Brew Now. Booze Later Mug - for her coffee in the morning, or cocktail at night.
  • Grey Slippers - so she can stay comfy all day long.
  • Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat- This coat is super stylish and is perfect to give your mom for her night outs
  • Acetate Tortoise Earrings - Give your mom a pair of super cute earrings this year that she can wear with any outfit and look her best.
  • Debrand Classic Chocolate Box -  A little extra gift to give your mom to satisfy her sweet tooth.

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Gifts for your Sister

A sister.  You're built in best friend.  Sometimes you may fight but you both know how much you love each other.  We have the best gifts this holiday season to show your appreciation for your sis this year. 

  • Hyde + Alchemy Perfume - A super nice gift to give your sis this year and our perfumes come in a variety of amazing scents.  You cannot go wrong with any of these scents!
  • Leopard Slippers - These cute, trendy slippers are perfect for a cold winter night enjoying each others company
  • Crochet Lace Bralette - Our super cute bralettes come in so many different colors and are the perfect addition to elevate an outfit. 
  • White Pom Beanie - The white beanie is so cute to keep warm in the winter, and makes an amazing gift.
  • Hunter Green Flannel - This flannel is perfect to put in your sister's closet, then maybe you can borrow it later. ;)
  • Soulphisticated Sand Earrings - These custom earrings are SO cute and even handmade, give these to your sister so she can show off her uniqueness. 
  • Debrand Peanut Butter Cup - Give a sweet treat to make your sisters day.
  • Bracelets- Our stackable bracelets are so cute and the perfect addition to any gift.

gifts for sister gifts for your sister gift guide for sister gift guide for your sister 2020 gift guide

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In these times we all are stuck at home, we might as well give each other some gifts this holiday season to make it more comfortable.  We have got the most cozy gifts to give whoever the homebody is in your life.

  • Sherpa Set- This set is super comfy for lounging at home, and you can be stylish at the same time. 
  • Sherpa Lined socks- These socks are so comfy and are the perfect gift to keep you loved ones feet nice and warm this winter
  • Candle- A candle is perfect to keep your space nice and cozy and smelling nice while your at home
  • Scrunchies- The perfect accessory to keep your hair tied up out of your face and not to mention they are super trendy.
  • Silver studs- These are the perfect simple gift to get a homebody to look cute but still be comfy.
  • Mug- a mug for so they can have a nice hot drink to keep them cozy inside
  • Turtle chocolate- A super yummy addition to your gift for your homebody to have a sweet snack while they are relaxing.
  • Skincare Mask- A great gift to give a homebody in your life for them to have a nice spa day at home.


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